For over 1000 years, Gdańsk has been the home of many nations. People came here and settled. THEY BECOME GDANSK CITIZENS. We see it now in the names of neighborhoods, streets, buildings, and in the names.

Contemporary Gdańsk cultivates its tradition of openness. The first in Poland, Council for Immigrants (Men and Women) and the Council for Equal Treatment was established in this city. The authorities and most of the residents are trying to facilitate the acclimatization of people from all over the world who come to the city to settle here and build their new homes. Nobody asks about nationality, religion, skin colour or gender. Today Gdańsk is more multicultural than it was in the past.

The project "Gdańszczanie.Gdańszczanki.2020" includes an exhibition of photographic portraits of representatives of 31 nationalities who came to Gdańsk from all corners of the world, who found their new home here. The exhibition will be presented on the fence of the Oliwa Park from October 16 till November 25, 2020.

Nationalities shown

1. Australian
2. American
3. Nigerian
4. Palestinian
5. Syrian
6. Colombian
7. Costa Rican
8. Bolivian
9. Mexican
10. Brazilian
11. Salvadoran
12. Chinese
13. Mongolian
14. Armenian
15. Hindu
16. Tartare
17. Georgian
18. Russian
19. Ukrainian
20. Belarusian
21. Jew
22. Slovak
23. Czech
24. Italian
25. French
26. German
27. Spaniard
28. Romanian
29. Greek
30. Turk
31. Poles